Take Me Home, Country Road


The first few times I hit the shops here in Oz, I was told to hit up Country Road, a brand that was previously unknown to me but one that’s been recommended by nearly every Aussie girl I ask for shopping recommendations. The first few times I browsed the store I had to get in and get out really quickly, because I wanted to buy about 98% of their stock. These Aussies know their shiz when it comes to cute clothes (for those of you overseas, think J Crew, minus the rainbow explosion. Country Road is more… neutral friendly).

When I read this post on The Design Files about Country Road homewares I was actually kind of blown away. How had nobody mentioned this to me as I chatted endlessly about wanting to decorate and furnish my new apartment? Even more, how had I been in their store and somehow missed the massive homewares section!? Sometimes I can be so unaware.

I am officially in love with every single thing that Country Road sells for the home. Yes, I am even obsessed with their bath towels. Their bowls and glasses are so understated yet chic, and I’m obsessed with their rustic-yet-colourful cushions. Side note, Luke teases me endlessly about my obsession with anything ‘rustic’, and just doesn’t get how I can love distressed woodwork items so much. Boys… they just have no clue. I’ve also been dying to put together a little gallery wall, similar to this one Monica posted, and this one Julia put together, but I haven’t quite found the perfect, understated yet elegant frames to use. Um, hello, Country Road’s photo frames were made for this! They’ve got a few different styles that are classic yet muted, and thus won’t steal the show from your actual photos. Thus, they would be perfect for a gallery wall. Somebody please, hide my wallet.

As pointed out by my friends who finally shared the CR Homewares secret with me, their stuff is actually somewhat pricey for what it is. I mean, I’d pay $100 for a nice pair of pillows (really, I would), but $40 on a photo frame is a bit steep. Thankfully, Country Road has semi-annual sales, which I’m told are around June and December, and their items are up to 50% off. So basically, there is a god.

The timing works out perfectly for me, because I’ll have enough time to save my bucks for sale-time in June. I can’t figure out what I want first, some great bowls to jazz up my recipe photos, or a couple of these cushions to bring life to our bedroom. What would you choose? Have you already got anything from Country Road Home? How do the items hold up? The one thing I know is that I’m definitely dropping some money on at least a few of the frames for my future gallery wall, because for that kind of thing Ikea just doesn’t cut it. And now, I wait for June.

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