Keepin It Natural

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I’ve always been the kind of girl who has a fairly large makeup collection. It’s nothing that rivals those girls of the youtube tutorials, who’ve got entire rooms dedicated to cosmetics, but even after culling a huge portion of my collection when I moved to Australia, I’ve still got (and kept collecting more of) a lot of cosmetics. What can I say? I love a good 7am transformation.

Looking at my collection, one could probably assume that I wear a heap of makeup in my everyday life. Truth be told, I actually really dislike wearing any sort of foundation (although I am a huge fan of BB creams, contrary to what I said in this post… the breakouts mentioned back then were due to a birth control switch and not my makeup!). I only started wearing foundation when my skin started going pre-teen in April of last year. I’m still on meds right now to fix it all for good, and when I do, you can bet I’ll be retiring my foundations for use at special occasions only!

My staple makeup items, and the ones I always hoard, have always been a good mascara (note that ‘good’ doesn’t mean expensive. My favourite mascaras are from Cover Girl and Maybelline), eyeliner on the outer upper eye, some brow filling-in (thanks to my 16 year old self plucking to kingdom come), and under eye concealer. That’s it.

Since summer is just around the corner I’m looking forward to simplifying my makeup routine a little bit more, which is also pretty necessary to survive the crazy heat here. It basically turns my face into a beige and black mess pretty quickly, and no amount of blotting papers is ever going to change that. I’m all about the carefree summer look, rocking a (safe) tan and not much else. The photos above are my major inspiration for this spring/summer – the girls just look so beautiful, simply done, and perfectly sun kissed. And I feel like Karlie Kloss never looks overdone. Girl is a b.a.b.e.

This year, in comparison to last, I’m so happy that I’ll be able to head oceanside with a complexion that I can be proud of sans makeup. I mentioned my skin issues many times before here, and it’s been a huge source of stress and self-consciousness in the past year. Finally I can have a carefree summer filled with sun, sunscreen of course, sand, and my newest favourite sport, surfing! I can’t wait for Melbourne to start heating up for good, at which point I’ll relegate my foundations to the back of my drawers and happily bust out the sunscreen instead. What will you be retiring for summertime? Or have you found a way to keep your makeup in place despite the heat?? Tell me your secretsssss.

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