Although the current site design for cupcakes + coffee breaks was created by me, many of the design aspects were taken from elsewhere. Below is a short list of places I looked for design inspiration. There are many other blogs out there that I love to look at, and I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

My header image was taken from the Spicy Ice Cream blog (post here), which I found through this post on The Sweetest Occasion.

My blog’s colour palette was generated using the header image, uploaded to this site. I simply chose the colours I liked best, and went with that.

The rest of the blog has been slightly redesigned from an older version so that it’s much cleaner and simpler looking. The three blogs I looked to for inspiration in this sense were cupcakes and cashmere, vmac+cheese and A Piece of Toast, which are some of my favourite sites to visit (see more of them here). Everything else was done through googling and lots (and lots and lots) of trial and error!