Beauty Dish: May Favourites


I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough products to rave about this month since I’m still pretty stuck into the ones I mentioned last month, but I managed to pull out a few that I’d been overlooking my excessive use of this past month. There’s less makeup because I’m still really into the stuff I’ve mentioned in the past – in fact, I went out and repurchased another bottle of this foundation because I can not live without it (and at $10 a bottle in Oz, why try?). As my skin gets clearer, it’s perfect for using just a thin layer to even out complexion and tone, so I’m betting it’s gonna be a favourite of mine for a long time. But this month it’s more about the less on in your face products that I think are the unsung heroes of my beauty life. Every girl loves those items, right? To tell you what’s good, I’ve laid out my favourites below for you so you can try ‘em all out yourself if you’re interested. Have you got any products that you think are better? Do share friends!

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner – I’m not the kind of girl who likes to splurge on shampoo and conditioner because I hate to wash expensive stuff down the drain. I will totally admit that I got sucked in by Miranda Kerr in the Clear ads (her hair is the. best.), but I don’t regret it one bit. The Clear shampoo is super hydrating for my dry hair, and really lathers well and makes my hair feel super clean. The Clear conditioner works even better than my argan oil deep conditioning treatment, which shocked me since the Clear conditioner isn’t even a heavy duty treatment. I’m already on my third set of bottles of this duo, and I’ve tried both the total nourishing care and this moisturising formula and love them both (and now mix them together). I highly recommend this shampoo/conditioner if you’re looking for something to give you great hair without breaking the bank!

Essie ‘Little Brown Dress’ – This nail polish has been on my toes all month, and I’m obsessed with it. It’s obviously winter here in Australia, and as such I’ve been crazy for dark polishes. I bought Little Brown Dress a few years ago thinking it would be a good winter colour that’s not quite as gothic as a black would be, and I was definitely right! The deep chocolate colour is perfect for this time of year, and I’m probably going to pull a double and repaint my toes with it next time they need a change. If you haven’t got this polish or something similarly chocolate-y, get on it!

Sally Hansen ‘Hard As Nails’ – It’s no secret around here that I never pay for a manicure, and instead prefer to do it all myself. Many people argue that manicures from the salon last longer than when they do it at home, but not me. My secret weapon is this top coat from Sally Hansen, which I discovered years ago and have since gone through about 5 bottles of. Hard as Nails is a thick and glossy topcoat that dries unbelievably fast (dry to touch in about 5 minutes, fully set in about an hour) and gives you a glossy-looking manicure for waaaay less money than at the salon. And did I mention it’s ridiculously chip resistant? With one coat of this on top of my colour, I can make my nails last for 5 days chip-free. But if you want to drag it out even longer, do another topcoat about 3-4 days into your manicure and you’ll have no problem going a week without a polish change. If you hate chipped nail polish as much as I do, you have to try this stuff out. And at only $8 a bottle ($4-5 in North America!), I promise your wallet will thank you for it.

L’Oreal Infallible Gel Laquer (in navy) – I bought this gel liner after my MAC fluidline dried up a year ago and I needed a replacement. I wasn’t expecting much for something that was a quarter of the price, but damn! This is possibly one of the best gel liners I’ve ever used – it stays put, it draws on so silky and smooth, and the pigmentation is such that you don’t have to keep tracing over and over to get something dark enough to be seen. I have this one in blue, because that’s the only one that I could find before I moved overseas, but when I go back home I’ll definitely be stocking up on more colours. There is a reason they were sold out last year, so if you’re looking for a gel liner that’s as good as Bobbi Brown and MAC, but doesn’t cost you near as much, you definitely need to pick this one up stat.

Backcomb Brush – My hair is long, abundant, and quite fine, which means that I if it’s left air dried it goes flat on top and poufs out at the bottom (I like to call this ‘triangle head’ – so cute). I flatiron it to keep the triangle under control, but when it comes to my roots, there’s just no amount of volumising spray that can pump those babies up. I used to use a rattail comb to backcomb, but that would inevitably fall flat as soon as I stepped out the door. When I finally decided to invest in a real backcombing brush last year, it was like a miracle walked in the door and sat on the crown of my head! I know that backcombing is not the healthiest thing for your hair, but I’d honestly rather have flyaways on top than limp and lifeless roots, so for me, this brush is a total godsend. I spray sections of my roots with hairspray (I use this one and swear by it), then backcomb a few times and move onto the next section. In total it takes me about 4 minutes in the morning, and my volume stays all day without fail. Best part? This one from Revlon is only $4 (uh, much better than the $20 I paid for mine). Flat haired ladys have to share their secrets to Gretchen Weiners hair, and that’s mine. Get on it, triangle heads unite!

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