Beauty Dish: August/September Favourites

It’s been ages since I’ve written one of these posts, and I’m so pumped to be able to share some of my beauty faves from the past few months with you again! In complete contradiction to this post, I’ve actually picked up the use of eyeshadow in my day-to-day makeup again, mostly due to the fact that I finally found the colour (a coppery-red) I’d been searching for in the drug stores for months! And it was on sale: meant to be I’d say. As usual, I’ve also got a few nail polish favourites, which is to be expected from the massive eBay haul I purchased a few months ago. Nail polish in Australia, no matter where you go, is always minimum 20$ a bottle, even for Revlon. So Aussie girls, if you want fair prices for your polish (like $4 a bottle), check eBay. The seller I used is this one; super fast and tons of selection!

++ Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Duo in Raisins – I fell in love with the colour of this eyeshadow duo after watching this favourites video months ago, but kind of relegated it a fantasy item because I couldn’t really justify the price ($50+ here in Oz). But after finding it on sale I pulled the pin, and I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since. The light colour is really nice and shimmery, which I wash over my entire lid, and then I use my pencil brush to put the darker colour in my crease. I love the contrast of the two colours and prefer a bit of a cut crease look, and I find the colour payoff of these two shadows is nothin but a dream. If you can afford it (or find it on sale!) I would definitely say that this eyeshadow duo is worth having, because I’ve never seen such a pretty purple colour in another eyeshadow before. And on a more superficial note, how cute is the packaging!

++ MAC Eyeshadow Duo in On The Hunt – I’ve been searching for a coppery colour like MAC’s Raving Mad (on the right) for ages, thinking it would be really pretty for summertime. It kind of looks like a sunset colour doesn’t it? It feels like the perfect shade for a dressed up night out on a patio bar in the summer, which is exactly the way I intend to spend many a night over the coming season. I bought this Maybelline palette a few months ago thinking back then that I’d found what I was looking for, but it turned out to be a bit greyish and not so copper. The MAC duo has filled the void left by Revlon, and the glittery colour is really nice to darken up my eyelid crease a bit more for nighttime. After finally finding the perfect copper eyeshadow, I can confidently say that my eyeshadow collection is complete. Well, for now.

++ Quo Crease Blender Brush – This brush came in a set that I bought back in Canada, and I never really used it until I started applying more than one eyeshadow shade to my eyes. It’s an essential one for me to put the colour in my crease, and then I use one a bit fluffier to blend everything out. If you’re not really an eyeshadow girl, or if you’re fine with just one colour washed all over your lids, I’d say you probably don’t need this brush. But if you enjoy mixing and matching and playing picasso with your eyes, I think this brush type is definitely worth the investment. I think this one is worth about 15$ from Shoppers Drug Mart back home (here’s a similar one that’s even cheaper), so it doesn’t have to break the bank at all either!

++ MAC Lip Lustre in Sophisto – I never used to be a lipstick girl, sticking instead to balms only. But for some reason I was inspired to pick a few lipsticks up before leaving Canada last year, so I bought this one and Vegas Volt from MAC. I am so obsessed with the subtle darkness that Sophisto brings to my lips – it’s not too dramatic, and it doesn’t scream “I’m wearing lipstick!”, which is exactly what I want. It’s just a bit of colour that makes your whole ensemble look a bit more glamorous, and I think it perfectly takes a daytime/office makeup face to amped-up-for-evening in a few swipes of colour. It was a perfect shade to wear for the lipstick newbie like myself, and I’d highly recommend it to someone else in the same boat. But buy it online if you’re from Aus – prices here are 2-3x what they are in North America!

++ Nivea Repair & Protection Lip Balm – I’m not quite finished my course of accutane, which has really cleared up my skin but done a number on my lips – accutane usually gives users dry skin (which I never experience on it), but can also make your lips dry and super peely (think onion skin, blech). I’ve gone through so many tubes of lip balm lately, but the one I found to be the absolute best is the Nivea Repair & Protection. I like that it has SPF30 in it, because I’m extremely susceptible to cold sores when my lips get exposed to the sun. But that’s only an added bonus. I found that the dryness and peeling caused by the accutane, which is literally impossible to stop when you’re on the meds, is drastically reduced with regular application of the Nivea balm. The fact that I’ve gone through four tubes in the past 3 months can attest not only to how annoying this side effect is (but it’s worth it for clear skin I think), but to the quality and effectiveness of the product. Imagine what it can do for non-medicated lips!

++ Essie Nail Polish in Fear or Desire – Another product that had been on my hit list for months has been the perfect tangerine nail colour. I’ve scoured many a drug store and website looking for it, and finally I found it in Essie’s Fear or Desire. I know I’ve raved about Essie before (I’ve got more than 20 Essie polishes), but they’re one of my favourite brands of nail polish. Their colours are generally quite opaque, have great staying power, and this particular colour really is exactly the tangerine-orange I was hunting for! If you can’t find this one in your local shop, definitely head online or to eBay – this colour is going to be my summer holy grail, I can feel it!

++ Butter London Nail Polish in Cheeky Chops – There’s something about Butter London polish that just feels so classy, and I don’t know why. I bought a bunch of their polishes online recently (for $12 a pop, which isn’t cheap as far as polish goes, but it’s not the 20$ retail I always see in stores), and Cheeky Chops has been another one I’ve been wanting to buy for a while. It’s such a pretty, vibrant yellow that again is perfect for the summer upon those of us down under. It’s been on my toes for the entire month, and has pretty good staying power in that respect. While I can’t say that all BL polishes have excellent stay power (I also have this colour, which did chip after 3-4 days, but is still too pretty not to wear), you can definitely extend it with my favourite top coat (also mentioned here). In combination, they’re unstoppable and – you guessed it – perfect for summer. Now all I need is the sunshine!

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