Who Doesn’t Love a Giveaway?

from st xavier jewellery Meluri Giveaway Flyer

This one’s for the Australians in the crowd (sorry international friends!). As you may know, Luke’s sister Megan runs her own clothing shop on the Mornington Peninsula as well as a website so the rest of Australia can enjoy her clothes too. Megan’s working her butt off to build her brand (all bloggers can relate to that to some degree, no?), and she’s currently holding a $100 giveaway that can be used online or in-store (if you’re able to make it down to Mornington to check it all out). How exciting is that?!

I’ve said before that I love knowing a shop owner because I love sitting around all the beautiful clothes, having first pick of the stock, and learning about all the science behind retail that I had no idea existed. But what do I not like? That I can’t enter the giveaway! But you can! There are multiple ways to enter, and you can enter every day if you so desire. But the key here is that we’re trying to build up a following on social media so Megan can connect with other fashion lovers! So if you’re keen to try your hand at the Meluri lottery, head over to her Facebook page to enter, or click here to head straight to the entry form. And since I’m helping her kick off her social media campaign, I’d love your input on something: what do you like and dislike about brands interacting with you on social media? Or not interacting, maybe? What brands do you like on social media, and why? I know what I like, but a sample size of one is not much of a sample at all. Any input is majorly appreciated! Good luck, and don’t forget to say hello to Meluri if you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, or Pinterest!