Goin’ Abroad

Just quickly checking in to say I’m going MIA for this week, as I’ll be travelling to New Zealand (I know!) for work until the weekend. Pretty psyched to have the opportunity to check out a new country and the lovely city of Auckland for a few days, and I’m hoping that the weather is nice enough to get out and explore a little bit between conference events.

In any case, I’ll be back next week with some fresh photography and inspiration. I’m hoping that I can keep up with Instagram (follow me here if you’d like!) while I’m gone, but it’ll rely on my hotel having wifi because I am 100% against paying phone companies for roaming fees. And if there’s no wifi, I will survive. I’ve got a few great books and some great coworkers to keep me entertained until I get back. Hope you all have a lovely week :)

Image from Clarks Summer 2013 Campaign via Matchbook