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Usually on the weekends I like to stay busy and explore the city as much as I can, but this weekend was just one of those seriously lazy weekends (even more so than last, which I thought was low key to begin with – guess not!). I spent a lot of time catching up on blogs and my favourite indulgence, YouTube videos (you can see my favourite ladies to watch here if you haven’t already). I also managed to play a round of golf on Saturday, which was a good way to sneak in a bit of exercise that I definitely do not get otherwise. I actually ended up really sore on Sunday from all the walking and cart-lugging, so if that isn’t a sign that I’m a couch potato, I don’t know what is. Note to self: dust of running shoes and get out of the house!

I couldn’t stop myself from popping into this cute little shop in Mt Martha after golf, and immediately (impulsively?) bought an adorable little ceramic owl tray for my bedside table. I love how it makes my dropped junk look a bit more tidy, and I love that it’s a little owl. I am obsessed with owls! Seriously, somebody stop me before my house becomes and owlery. Would a pet owl be that hard to care for? Bahhh, stop!

When Luke and I first moved out on our own in October, we headed to Kmart to buy a pile of cheap-but-functional home items that we could afford on our teensy tiny budget. One of these items was a glass measuring cup, which seemed pretty standard, but whose numbers have now completely rubbed off. So, it’s a huge wide-mouthed pouring jug that’s completely useless for cooking, and must now be retired to tulip-vasing. Let it be known that 3$ Kmart measuring cups are not in it for the long haul. Shocking. So naturally, when I dragged Luke into a homewares shop on Sunday to get a new measuring cup, we ended up walking out with a new set of KitchenAid pots and pans. Funny how that happens, right? Hey, my stand mixer needed some sisters.

I’d love to say my weekend was any more productive than that, but it was not. The rest of Sunday we snuggled up in bed watching episodes of Breaking Bad (we’ve just started season two, and finally it’s picking up!) and burning some amazing soy candles I bought from a local seller (who happens to be a friends mum). They smell ahhhmazing, and I promise to share more about them later, because if you’re in Melbourne you straight up need to check them out. They are divine. Happy Tuesday, and happy short-week of work! :)

  • Meghan

    Sometimes lazy weekends are needed , I’m yet to try out playing golf !

    xo Meg

  • http://www.lucentimagery.com lucent imagery

    We’ve played golf a few times but I could never see where my ball went although I was told that I had a natural feel for the swing! Ha! Kitchen stuff is where I fight the desire to buy at the moment – I think I’m ready to get a Le Crueset finally. My mum and I did a spot of secondhand shopping which I haven’t done in years and she found the most adorable vintage egg beater with a wooden handle. I would have picked it up if I’d seen it first! :)

    • Erica Wodzak

      The swing is what I’m told is the hardest part, that’s awesome you’ve got it naturally! Mine is so affected by my softball past… so much so that sometimes I miss the ball completely. Whoops!

  • http://www.savvyhomeblog.com Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    Hah, you started using “mum”! I’ve been to Mt Martha before… beautiful place. You seem to be enjoying Australia :)

    • Erica Wodzak

      Loving it! And yes, Mt Martha is amazing, I’m pretty lucky that Luke’s family is from such a beautiful suburb :)

  • Farren

    I love your new pots and pans! “Which one is a saute pan? I’m making oysters and pasta” — Hah, remember who said that?

    • http://www.cupcakesandcoffeebreaks.com/ Erica | cupcakes+coffee breaks

      HAH yes, i make it no secret that i wasn’t taught to boil pasta until I was nearly 20, and that you had to teach me what an avocado was. Oh, what a sad life I led before you, my food guru. hahahahah