Blouse for Work, Blouse for Weekend

Yesterday I confessed that one of my main goals for 2013 is to work on developing my personal style a bit more. That is to say, I’d like to own a closet of clothes that isn’t 75% from Forever 21, purchased because it’s cheap and thus I get more items for my buck. Yes, that’s beneficial when you’re on a budget, but quality is usually sacrificed which means your clothes wear out within the year.


1. Fate Proteus Heavy Metal Shirt // 2. Talulah Island Sun // 3. Finders Keepers Silent Weekend Shirt // 4. Forever New Tory Colour Block Shirt // 5. Junk Vegas Blouse //
6. Forever New Dallas Sheer Shirt // 7. Rhythm The Drum Shirt

This year, as I cruised the internet for boxing day sales (I did not dare brave the crowds in an actual mall), I was looking for blouses that can work with pants and pencil skirts for the office, and also with other items for weekend wear. I must confess, if you asked me 6 months ago what I thought of tops with cutouts, and how they fit into work wear, I’d have laughed at you. But as long as you keep a cardigan or blazer on over them, I don’t see why anyone has to even know that there are cutouts. The best part is that if, like me, your commute involves walking (specifically in 30+ degree heat), you can pop the cardigan off to/from the office and get a little extra breeze! Unless of course it’s 40 degrees out… at that point, nothing helps.

I love that these blouses are nice and flowy for summertime weekends, and still have a collar to keep it a bit more professional during the week. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with embellished collars recently, which I also think adds a nice bit of flare to the most stereotypically boring of attire genres (is that a real thing?). And full disclosure, I definitely bought numbers 3, 4, and 5 above. Hey, there were sales okay!?

I also must add that I do realize that many of the above tops are quite sheer. Personally, I think that’s okay for work as long as you wear a nice camisole or tank top underneath (please please don’t just wear a bra. Yikes.), but that may just be me adapting to Australia’s more climate-friendly office attire. If you’re not comfortable wearing something like this every day in the office, perhaps save it for casual Friday, or a day without client meetings. I think it goes without saying though that these shirts are purrrrrfect for summertime. With shorts or a cute skirt and an unstructured blazer, oh the places I could go! So what do you think? Are double-duty blouses your thing?

All items via Forever New // The Iconic
  • Giovanna

    Cute picks! Love #3!


    • Erica Wodzak

      Thanks, it’s pretty cool isn’t it? I thought it kind of reminded me of a tennis polo, kinda unique :)