Hello Fab

hello fab bow ring

hello fab statement bracelet

Even when I’m super broke (by my post-university student standards), the one thing I always allow myself to shop for, if I need to shop, is reasonably priced jewellery. I feel like you can take the plainest outfit made up of a tshirt and jeans, toss some cute jewellery on top, and you instantly seem more pulled together. You also look a little less budget.

One of my favourite blogs as of late has been Pink Peonies, and although I’m obviously quite late on the PP train (her site is pretty popular), one of her recent Instagrams really caught my eye. Rachel (PP author/creator) was wearing an adorable little bow ring that I thought looked super expensive but really pretty and understated. As I do, I clicked through to see where she got it, and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw that it was only $18 USD! The ring comes from a cute little online shop called Hello Fab, and honestly, their stuff looks really cute and is so affordable: before I dropped my jaw, I was prepping myself to possibly spend closer to $40 on the ring, and thinking I’d be disappointed by a $80+ price tag!

I left the decision to buy for a few days (after following Hello Fab on Instagram, in case I forgot the name of the shop), just to make sure I really wanted to make the purchase. Then, last week when I decided I was going to go for it, I logged back into Instagram to see that Hello Fab was having a Black Friday sale. Quelle luck majeure (worst french…)! After picking my jaw up a second time, I promptly added a few more things to my shopping bag (this bow necklace and these earrings). I mean hey, they were on sale! There are so many cute necklaces in the shop as well, and I was really tempted by the lace and pearls iPhone case too. Gah, decisions!

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to get my new trinkets. And with only $5 shipping to Oz from the US, I didn’t have to pay through the nose to get my pretty little sale items sent to me down undah. So really, what I’m saying to you is you’re nuts if you don’t snatch up some of these cute little jewels from Hello Fab. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas that don’t break the bank, I tell you I can’t think of a girl who wouldn’t love any of these gems. And if you happen to be someone who is maybe buying a Christmas present for me, I can tell you that this bracelet in particular is verrrrrry lovely. Then again, I might just wait for a sale and buy it myself!

Images via Pink Peonies // The Jacksons