At Home: Jewellery Storage

{everything in its place}

One of the things I’ve been really excited for since I moved to Australia is starting over in the home décor + organization departments. Most of the things I had in my apartment back in Vancouver were functional, but since they’d been around since my first year of university, they weren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. It has been a bit costly to replace some things (i.e. a new flat iron that fits in an Aussie electrical plug!), but deep down I’m preeeeetty psyched to have so many justifications for going shopping.

When I first arrived, I was living with my boyfriend’s family and sharing closet space with his sister. She had the most awesome full-length mirror/jewellery cabinet I’ve ever seen, and I immediately wanted one.  But how… Though she bought hers from a shop somewhere in the city a while back, my internet-savvy inner shopper took to the web and found the exact same one online for $100. A bit pricey for a mirror? Maybe. But a cabinet that hides away all of your jewellery while keeping it organized and acting as a piece of décor? Pft, I call that downright multi-functional. Besides, if you divide the cost of the cabinet by each function… $30 for a jewellery box is so legit. You see what I mean about justification? Ain’t no problems with that here, girlfriends.

{there when you need it, gone when you don’t}

My favourite thing about this cabinet is that it not only looks really great, but it keeps my jewellery laid out in a way that I can actually see it all when I want to (therefore leaving no man/earring behind/in the bottom of a box somewhere), and it’s not in everybody’s face when I don’t (like “hey everyone, look at my totally gratuitous Michael Kors watch!”). Ah, tasteful and functional, the perfect inspiration for my new home. It’s certainly a far cry from 2005’s criterion of “hot pink and neon orange”, but I think I’m okay with that. And I’m fairly certain that Luke will be too. He’s just not that into pink.

  • haley

    Wow that first picture is impressive. I would love to have my jewlery that organized! Great post<3

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