I Owe You An Explanation…

Really, I do. But a lot of things have been happening lately, and I promise to explain them in more detail. Starting on Monday. I know, I know, what a tease. But this past week has been the first one of somewhat normalcy in a while, and I needed to take that time to do really, really important things. Things like:

  • Tackle the monstrous pile of laundry in my apartment
  • Vacuum up the remnants of the mirror that was broken two weeks ago
  • Take out the four bags of garbage that had been sitting in my hallway
  • I’m not going to tell you any more, because I’ll only perpetuate that my house smells terrible and that I have glass shards in my feet

So you see, dear blog-land, I really do love you. Really. I’ve just had some, shall we say, life things happening lately. But seriously, I’ve also had a lot of really great things going on (and in the works), so if you’ll forgive me, I promise not to do this to you again. Pinky-swear even. And I would never break a pinky-swear, because that would be a faux-pas worse than wearing red and orange together (wait, is that cool now?).

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