Photo Inspo

{i'm completely obsessed with the intentional disarray in this photo}

Long before I got my new Canon camera, I knew I didn’t really need another hobby. I’ve got plenty of things to keep me busy, but I just couldn’t say no to something that looked like so much fun to do, and that also had such a great payoff for others whose memories and little life moments are captured in the photos. Sure, I’ve got lots of amazing memories from some of the things I’ve done so far in my life, but I enjoy it so much more when I can come home and show my friends and family what I did in vivid colour and high resolution. Well, that and the fact that I kind of miss having something to study and learn–after six years of university, it’s second nature!

{monochromatic reds give this photo an elegant and sophisticated vibe}

Along with trying to snap photos of everything I can, I’ve been trying to see the beauty in some of the things I’ve been walking past in this city for the past six and a half years, and never paid attention to. The funny thing is, there are a lot of those things. But definitely what I’m loving most so far are the photos of my friends and family (and my little pup!) that surprise me by turning out so beautifully, which will ensure that I remember in great detail the things that were going on when the photo was snapped.

And since everything is always a work in progress with me, I’m always looking elsewhere for inspiration. I’ve become an avid blog reader as of late, but am trying to extend my blog genres into the realm of photography. It’s these places, and the people who take their own photos, who act to inspire me, and to really make me study their work and try to mimic some of the things I like in my own photography. Maybe it’s the way the light hits a pasta dish, or maybe it’s the brightly coloured elements that make up the photo. I’m constantly learning (and trying out) what works in a photo, what makes a great prop, what lighting highlights your subject best, and it’s all because of the amazing things I’m finding all over the world wide web. So today, I’ve collected a few of my most recent favourites for you, and hopefully they might help you find the beauty in your own day-to-day too.

{in- and out-of-focus shots are my new obsession}

{food photography is one of my favourite new pastimes}

{i am quickly learning that lighting is everything in photography}

{i love anything that sparkles, but capturing those sparkles will still take some practice}

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