DIY Dreaming: Striped Serving Tray

Although I’m fairly competent in the DIY department, there are so many things I want to make myself these days that I’d just never find the time. Admittedly, Pinterest hasn’t helped that one bit. But when I do have the time, I’m absolutely planning to re-create this amazing DIY serving tray, featured on The Glitter Guide, and originally made by Stacy from Hello Cupcake.

I love that, if done right (which is key–lining up those tape pieces is going to take a whole lot of patience), this is such an inexpensive and adorable project that totally looks store-bought. I love it in blue, but I think I might try it in mint or a forest green, just because I’m a big lover of all things green. I also happen to be in love with the whole idea of chevrons lately, so if things pan out nicely, I may just attempt to DIY a whole lot more than serving trays. Photo frames? Hanging canvases? Business cards? Somebody help me, this girl needs a chevron intervention.

For instructions on how to do it yourself, make sure you check out the directions here!

  • Catherine @ The Spring

    Love this project! My new place is tiny and requires so much editing in the decor department – it’s hard to find ways to inject a bit of eclectic personality. Accessories like these are the way forward, and obviously I’m all about the DIY aspect and the clean, uplifting graphic print!

    Cookies look pretty amaze too!

    x Catherine @ The Spring